Miracles Course Staff

Rev. Lynn Woodland: Author and Co-founder


Lynn Woodland has worked at the experimental edges of the Mind/Body/Spirit, Transpersonal Psychology, and New Thought movements since 1972. She has taught workshops on the metaphysical principles of healing and manifestation for decades, blending science, spirituality, psychology, and practical application to help students produce striking results in

amazingly short periods of time. Her particular area of interest and expertise is in what gives rise to miraculous experience.

Her background includes twelve years as a chemical dependency and mental health counselor, and she has studied and practiced Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and other forms of energy and spiritual healing since 1981.

In 1983 she helped found and she directed the Baltimore Center for Attitudinal Healing, a free health crisis resource center for people dealing with life-challenging illnesses. During this time she specialized in mind-body counseling for individuals and groups. In 1987, Lynn left the Center to lead classes and workshops based on her own work related to practical spirituality and expanding the limits of reality as we know it.

She also trained with the late world-renowned faith healer, Dr. Willard Fuller, whose work was known for the frequent occurrence of spontaneous dental healings, including new fillings appearing, even new teeth growing instantaneously.

She received her ordination in 1998, and later her Doctorate of Ministry, through Dr. Fuller’s Lively Stones Fellowship. From 2008-9 she collaborated with Dr. Fuller on a series of international phone conference healings. She has operated a variety of online and in-person healing ministries since 1999.

Dr. Woodland is the creator of The Miracles Course and the founder of Miracles of the Spirit Ministry (www.MiraclesoftheSpirit.org). She is the author of Making Miracles--Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World from Namaste Publishing. To learn more about Lynn Woodland’s work, visit www.lynnwoodland.com.

Contact Lynn Woodland at lynnwoodland@comcast.net. 

Rev. Sam Bullington: Student Supervisor

Dr. Sam Bullington is a college professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in global gender and sexuality studies. Sam is also certified in shamanic counseling and sacred breath work through the Crow’s Nest Center for Shamanic Studies in Michigan and leads vision quests, seasonally themed workshops and ecstatic dance events in the Denver-Boulder Colorado area where he lives.

Passionate about social justice and the transformation of human consciousness, Sam works to make the world a kinder, more honest place through teaching and community building. As a transgender person, Sam is a walker between worlds who brings an incredible breadth of life experience to his writing, counseling, teaching, leading, and living.

He has worked with Lynn Woodland since 2001 and has assisted in many of her 5-day intensive workshops. He was ordained through the Miracles Course and served briefly on the faculty. We are very happy to have him back! To find out more, see www.SamBullington.org

Rev. Deborah Teramani: Spiritual Counselor

Reverend Deb Teramani (known as “Rev Deb”) is a professional spiritual coach engaging in spiritual and intuitive counseling, teaching spiritual principles, using affirmative prayer, and supporting individuals in discerning their highest truth. Rev Deb is also a licensed Religious Science Minister and professional Prayer Practitioner. A Prayer Practitioner is trained to help people use the art and skill of affirmative prayer to resolve challenges and situations in their lives. Prayer is one of our most powerful tools in creating a life that works and often facilitates miracles. Rev Deb works with Miracles Course students in a variety of ways, including monthly group conferences, private phone sessions, weekly inspiration, and ongoing spiritual companioning. She currently serves through the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.

Rev. Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently until their issue is satisfactorily resolved.

Deb says: “I know prayer always works and that with God, anything is possible!”

Here’s what people are saying about working with Rev. Deb:
“After years of searching for my perfect mate to no avail, I met my wonderful husband one day after Rev Deb prayed for me!"

"I thought I knew about prayer, until I began to learn from Rev. Deb. After years of lackadaisical results and quiet discouragement, I found my prayer life revolutionized after just a few sessions. I mean, here's someone who really understands how to contact the Divine and manifest results, and now she's selflessly sharing her experience and wisdom with others! Thank you, Rev. Deb! My life will never be the same."

“Rev Deb is AMAZING! She has been one of my greatest teachers and helped me to develop my own spiritual practice. Her prayer work is powerful and effective. I couldn’t say enough great things about her and all that she has done for my life. I feel so blessed to know her.”

Rev. Deb serves as soul coach and pastoral counselor for the Miracles Course, offering one-on-one guidance to students through private phone consultations. She also leads monthly group phone conferences open to all students for the purpose of exploring individual and group issues, experiencing a variety of spiritual practices, and addressing the needs and interests of the group as a whole.

Contact Rev. Deb Teramani at debteramani@yahoo.com

Cynthia Lillquist: Technical Administrator-Course Web Master

Cynthia Lillquist maintains the website for The Miracles Course and is students’ first contact with the Miracles Course. She assists students with enrollment, payment questions, technology issues, and all things related to online access to lessons.

Cynthia works with the product data for commercial and homes division of Honeywell.

Contact Cynthia Lillquist at ccy4cjh@tcq.net

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