Affirmative Prayer

Stages in Affirmative Page

Stages in Affirmative Prayer


God Is All There Is

In my own words, I acknowledge the Oneness, the All-ness, the Wholeness of God.  I express my deep conviction that God is all there is, that there is nothing anywhere but God, that there is no spot, no situation where God is not, because God is ALL-Inclusive.  God is the Infinite Love that rules the Universe through the Law of Its Being.  I am seeking to become wholly immersed in my awareness of the Presence and Power in, under, over, around, and through All That Is, and I allow this awareness to flood my being, bringing peace and serenity.  I know that All is LOVE and All is LAW.



I Am One with God

In my own words, I declare that there is only One Mind and that Mind is God. This God-Mind is my mind now and I am inseparably One at the Source with the Infinite Presence and Power. “Thou art that which I am, I am that which Thou art.” I express my deep knowledge that God in me, as me, is me, and that I am made of the same God-Stuff—a whole, perfect, and complete child of God. This is WHO I AM. This is the Truth about me.



I Accept and Embody My Good

Now, I speak my work for myself. In my own language, I express my deep realization that all the riches of the universe are my heritage because of WHO I AM, God’s perfect child. I declare that I wholly accept and embody this realization as the Spiritual Truth of my being and my affairs. I declare that I clearly see the special good that I desire as already mine, right now being manifested through the perfect action of Law. My entire being is open and ready to receive this good that is mine now.



I Give Thanks

In my own words, I express my overwhelming thankfulness for the Truth of my being and affairs—and for my knowing of this Truth. I give thanks for the good that is taking form in my experience and for my joy in this manifestation.



I Let Go and Let God

In my own language, I now release my word to the action of the Law. I know that, as I have spoken in Truth, believing and accepting, my good is now coming into manifestation. It is important that this release be total. 

Fill-In-The-Blanks Affirmative Prayer

A template you can use to easily create your own
Affirmative Prayer 
for yourself or another.


Treatment Template

Working with yourself or a partner, get clear on what it is you desire. Once you have an intention for your affirmative prayer, proceed to the next step.


Filling In the Blanks

With the outcome you want to see manifest in mind, use the treatment template below as an exercise to become familiar with what spiritual mind treatment feels like.


There is one Life. That Life is God’s Life.


That Life is my life now. And I know that I am/ (NAME)_________________ is a perfect expression of God now.


I now affirm for myself/(NAME)_______________ the consciousness and demonstration of (the request)______________. I know that the power of Spirit now goes to work in my life/ (NAME) ___________’s life to make this so in harmonious, loving ways. What is known in mind is now demonstrated in form.


I rejoice in this Divine activity and accept the good that comes from this prayer with a full heart.


I let go and let the Law of God do the work. And so it is.


After doing a treatment for another, they respond by saying something like:
I accept this good for myself NOW. That’s it!


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