Lynn Woodland's Miracles Course

Summer: Receiving the Abundance of Life In The Miracles Course, the summer curriculum reflects nature’s speeded up growing season, beginning with powerful spiritual exercises for manifesting life goals. There is extensive work with the metaphysical principles of prosperity, manifestation, and the law of attraction and, later in the season, the lessons match the slowing pace of summer, including themes of “Gratitude,” “Ease,” and “Bliss.”

To everything there is a season…

Lynn Woodland’s Miracles Course sets a comprehensive New Thought study program into a circular, seasonal format for a uniquely powerful experience. It's an organic journey into wholeness with an emphasis on balanced, empowered living, not just the creation of isolated results.

There’s something easy, natural, and “connected” about the circular curriculum. It has an expansive, unifying effect much greater than the teachings alone. The weekly lessons establish a rhythm and expectation for life that draw students along so they soon notice desired goals developing naturally in the spring-summer "growing" seasons of the year, unwanted burdens dropping away in fall as effortlessly as leaves from trees, and other focuses of the course seeming to miraculously appear and resolve when their “seasons” come round. Struggle gives way to a more harmonious flow of easy transitions and “connected,” purposeful living. Even if you live where the four seasons are less pronounced, this archetypal template will set an easy pace for growth and success.

While many use the course purely for personal growth, it also offers the opportunity for ordination, for those wanting this certification.

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